Ladislav Jenšík


Athletes with cooperation and my couching

American football, great defender in team Dresden Monarchs

Markéta Chovanečková

Photomodel, model for Playboy, wrestling

Velerie Peršina

Successful czech  bikiny fitness competitor and model

Ondřej Konečný

Czech junior champ 2008 and 3rd place  at European champnshp.

Tomáš Hreško

Lifestyle change, successful contest preparation, trainer

  1. -the highest sport education (Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Charles Univerzity in Prague)

  2. -last and effective trends and method in sports training and nutritionn

  3. -individual adaptation for client’s needs

  4. -wide range of abilities and skills satisfy any client and his state of heatlh

  5. -systematic cooperation with using modern technologies

  6. -personal experiences from many sport spheres

  7. -complex training for compensation muscle disbalances, functional strength and physical condition


  1. -using Poliquin training principles

  2. -CORE training and functional training

  3. -using BOSU, TRX, kettlebells in functional, combined and strength training

  4. -systematic proceeding by an evaluation and progress of client

  5. -using compensative and health exercices


  1. -natural, whole-food and health nutrition

  2. -combination of Paleo and ketogenic diet

  3. -using natural and high quality sources

  4. -individual adaptation to needs and options of client

  5. -precise calculation of nutritional and caloric values

  6. -recommed sport supplementation by client’s options

  7. -easy and permanent way to body changes and lifestyle

Price list

  1. -10 personal training lessons

  2. -Individual nutrition schedule and training schedule

Full pack 10

  1. -20 personal training lessons

  2. -Individual nutrition schedule and training schedule

Full pack 20

14.000,- CZK

8.500,- CZK

Packs of services:

Valid from January 2016

Optimalized individual training schedule

  1. -combined cooperation for distant clients

  2. -2 hours of personal instructioning, corection and optimalization

  3. -indvidual counseling and diagnostics

Training schedule

3.000,- CZK

Packs of services possible for pairs

+ 50 % from standard prize.

  1. -individual personal or online counseling


1200,- CZK/hour

  1. -one month unlimited e-mail communication

  2. -counseling of training, nutrition and video

Online coaching

4.000,- CZK

MadMax promo (2013)

Dynamic core training (2012)

Training videologs

on Youtube (2015-)

Train with professional

Modern methods, experiences, results

  1. -one hour personal training lesson

  2. -muscle disbalances diagnostic

Personal training lesson

1000,- CZK

  1. -composing of individual nutrution plan, possible also on-line

  2. -sophisticated system of nutrition facts
    and calorie calculation

  3. -2 options of each meal, nutrition tips

  4. -cycling programs and modifications

  5. -recommed suplementation

Nutrition schedule

from 2.000,- CZK